International Customers

» After we've received payment in full amount (prepayment by money orders available only) we are shipping within the borders of the European Community to our business customers. Private customers are only supplied in Germany and Austria. Please be aware of additional payable taxes. Our international banking details are provided in our "pro forma invoice" (Vorkassenrechnung) we are sending out after your order has been placed.

» Your order (as it is in stock) will leave our warehouse as soon as we've confirmed your payment by email. The shipment will take a few workdays (or more) depending on your shipping address. Please remind that shipping to some island in Greece or Spain might take a little more time until arrival.

» Please visit Versandkosten for further details and exceptions.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

» European companies will receive their order without paying the German VAT after we've been provided with a valid VAT ID and successfully confirmed your billing address. This verification process might take up to 2 workdays. It is not possible for us to refund the VAT afterwards. If you are missing your pro forma invoice, we are working on the confirmation.

» If you are a resident outside the European Community and are planning to export your notebook, please order directly via email. In this case we need your complete billing address in your home country and your address of delivery in Germany. Provided with those data we are including forms for all your custom issues within the shipment. After leaving the EC and after the completion of all custom formalities please send back your original invoice and the processed custom form back to our postal address in Hannover Sarstedt.

» We will refund the paid VAT to any international bank account after all your documents arrived and processed by our accounting department. Please keep in mind that we are forced to charge a 20,- EUR fee for this process.

International configuration and warranty issues

» The notebooks we are selling are configurated 'German' only. The included software, keyboard and operating system are available in German only. We are not offering international versions of our products, sadly.

» The warranty offered by the manufacturers is usually available in Germany or Austria only. We can offer additional warranty options for our international customers for sure. Please feel free asking our English speaking sales team.